LWC 02: From cleaning carpets and broke to being CEO of a 7-figure men’s business performance company with Nicholas Bayerle

Nicholas Bayerle is the CEO of The Billion Dollar Body, a lifestyle brand for the business who wants to have it all. He went from obese, broke and no girlfriend to now married to the woman of his dreams, fit, and thriving in business. Nicholas is an international speaker, podcast host and was rated top 30 under 30 influencers. He has worked with some of the top businessmen and is passionate about seeing men prosper in health, business and relationships. Nicholas has shared the stage with Lewis Howes, Cole Hatter, and Jordan Harbinger and been interviewed on the top business podcasts. He is creator of the #1 annual businessmen’s event, Billion Dollar Body Live and has curated a successful community of men called The Billion Dollar Brotherhood. 

Takeaways and Key Topics: 

Sales and Communication are most important skill sets, they are recession proof 

Whatever role/job you are in, be the best at it and be positive and always look for doors that are opening 

3 Step Process to High Level Sales 

  1. Vulnerability through an overcoming story 
  1. Relate through a story or testimonial 
  1. Dispel internal and external excuses through a story 

Resources and Links: 

#1 Men’s Business and Health Performance Live Event – www.bdblive.com Use code “Chase20” for 20% Off

IG – @nicholasbayerle 

#1 Men’s Business and Health Performance Community 


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