LWC 06: Success through multi-family Real Estate with active duty Chief Petty Officer Tim Kelly

Tim is an active duty Chief Petty Officer, in the United States Navy and has served his country for almost 14 years. Now stationed on shore duty in Pensacola, Florida, he is fully pursuing his dream of owning and operating multi-family real estate and helping others realize their financial freedom goals! 

As the Financial Freedom and Syndication Chief on the incredible platform, Active Duty Passive Income (ADPI), Tim is helping active, reserve, and other military affiliated personnel realize their financial freedom goals through real estate investing. 

Tim is the Senior Managing Partner of both Kelly Housing Group and ADPI Capital, where he and his partners invest in and syndicate multi-family property in the affordable housing space with a focus on apartment complexes and mobile home communities. 

He is married to his lovely wife, Allyson, and they love being active in the community, giving back to the military, loves playing shows and drumming with his band, seeing live music and concerts, scuba diving and traveling the world! 

Takeaways and Key Topics: 

House Hacking is best way to start Real Estate Investing 

Ready. Fire. Aim >>> Creative Action Taker 

2014 Bought a 4-Plex then straight to 42 Unit Building 

Started at 30 years old 

Made the decision on Multi-Fam due to goals of FI 

B/C Multi-Fam and 3-5 Star Mobile Home Parks in South East and Mid-West 

Hone in on Financial Foundation before investing 

Deal finding > Broker Relations + Capacity to Close 

Use Time Blocking to Manage Time 

Morning Routine: 

4am > 9am Mind Feed, Self Dev and Health 

9am > 5pm Work, Biz Dev 

5pm > 9pm Family, Social, Self Dev 

#1 Actionable Tip is Self-Development Daily 



Learn About House Hacking >>> https://amzn.to/2QBiTcm

https://thetimothykelly.com  https://kellyhousinggroup.com/  https://www.activedutypassiveincome.com/ 

Socials – @thetimothykelly 

Phone for Coaching Application – (847) 910-9161 

Click here to get his BEST-SELLING book FREE:  https://www.activedutypassiveincome.com/p/military-house-hacking-new-edition 

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