LWC 15: Lump Sum vs Cash Flow – Q&A with Chase Maher

An insightful and intriguing Q & A with Chase Maher, regarding the value of guaranteed monthly cashflow comparatively to immediate lump sums, and how to navigate these opportunities to leverage greater revenue in the long term. 

Chase posits the question: would you take a $20,000 lump sum or $500 a month indefinitely?


Takeaways, Key Topics & Tweetable Quotes:

Survey your personal financial situation 

Take time to run the numbers 

Assess your investments to procure the greatest income


Chase Maher: (09:03) 

Just put it into the numbers, run the data on it, do the math as people would say, and figure out what actually is the best scenario for you and your position. Tweet this!

Chase Maher: (10:56) 

So remember kids, take the cashflow. Tweet this!



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