LWC 18: Wholesale vs Flipping Real Estate with Chase Maher

Chase often receives messages from aspiring real estate agents, wholesalers and flippers, as well as entrepreneurs, and this week he’ll be addressing a frequently asked question: how does one decide when to fix and flip a property, or when to wholesale it?


When to wholesale: maybe I have a lack of time, I have a lack of money, I have a lack of experience or I have a lack of contacts. – Chase Maher // Tweet This!

Flipping is when there’s limited downside, there’s massive upside, there’s multiple exit strategies and there’s a minimum amount of money even in a worst-case scenario that you will be able to make. – Chase Maher // Tweet This!

Takeaways & Key Topics:

Wholesale if you’re missing a key component

Wholesale if you have a lack of time, money, experience or contacts

Rule No.1 of investing – never lose money

Consider a property’s surroundings

Learn from cash buyers

Flipping is limited downside, massive upside

Be cognisant of multiple exit strategies

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