LWC 20: Pursuing Your Passions and Financial Freedom with Joost Janssen

12-year military career as a US Navy SEAL, as well as five years as ‘Agency’ direct hire in support of counterterrorism. Has deployed and conducted operations in over 12 countries including; Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Korea, Vietnam and the Philippines. 

Performed as a trainer, advisor, stunt performer, and cast on several productions including American Assassin, 13 Hours (Benghazi), The Mummy, Jack Ryan, Transformers, Ironman, John Hancock, Red, Unlocked, and the Last Ship.


“I want the freedom to pursue passions as they come up. Because I know one thing about myself, I wish I had one passion for life and that would be it, but that would be too simple.” – Joost Janssen // Tweet This!

“But when an opportunity comes, when that phone rings and says, Hey, can you get on a plane, go to Morocco and help work on this TV show, I want to be able to say, yes.” – Joost Janssen // Tweet This!

“If you don’t see an opportunity today, keep saving.” – Joost Janssen // Tweet This!

Takeaways and Key Topics:

Don’t rely on other people’s expertise

Learn for yourself

Understand money

Learn from failure

To start, live off 50% of your income

If you can’t see an opportunity, keep saving

Don’t be afraid to keep your investments

Don’t always follow the crowd

Set milestones



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