LWC 27: From Jobless to 20 Doors in Two Years with 24 Year Old Real Estate Investor Dillon Dull

24 year old, real estate investor who started Investing in flips a couple flips throughout college, and after graduating used the proceeds from the flips to go full time in Cheap rental properties in Richmond and Petersburg VA and now has perfected the BRRRR strategy ( in most cases haha) and now has acquired 14 properties (20 units) and starting to build systems in place to really scale the property management side of the business. to focus on the more important tasks.




“At the end of the day, it’s all about understanding what your loan options are.” – Chase Maher // Life Worth Chasing Podcast // Tweet This!


“There are so many different factors with the BRRRR strategy, but the main thing is just buy undermarket, know the after repair value.” – Dillon Dull // Life Worth Chasing Podcast // Tweet This!


“Keep buying, keep renting, keep refinancing, keep rehabbing, keep doing it all.” – Dillon Dull // Life Worth Chasing Podcast // Tweet This!


Takeaways and Key Topics:


  • Don’t despise private money
  • Always be learning
  • Buy at the right value
  • Know your rehab costs
  • Square footage is valuable
  • If it ain’t broke don’t fix it
  • The biggest thing is location
  • Renovate to the prosperity value of the location
  • Know your area well
  • Understand what your loan options are
  • Hire a Virtual Assistant



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