LWC 29: Investing Smarter, Not Harder | Amy Silverman

Amy Silverman is a Denver based real estate investor, who has been in the business for over 13 years and is known on Twitter as the Queen of REI. She is primarily a buy & hold investor, and also does real estate consulting.


“Turnover ratio is one of the least talked about expenses of rental property owning, and it’s one of the ones that is almost easily avoided by doing the work up front.” — Chase Maher // Life Worth Chasing Podcast // Tweet This!

“Get out there and narrow down as specifically as possible what exactly you want, and then you reverse engineer from there what it’s going to take to get there.” — Amy Silverman // Life Worth Chasing Podcast // Tweet This!

“The first step is knowing exactly what you want to buy.” — Amy Silverman // Life Worth Chasing Podcast // Tweet This!

Takeaways and Key Topics:

  • View properties in person when available
  • Use Cozy to streamline processes
  • Know your states property laws
  • Do your research on the co-mingling of funds
  • Brokerage isn’t always selling your personality
  • Consider the investment of a license
  • Don’t buy impulsively
  • Always thoroughly screen your tenants
  • Narrow down as specifically as possible, what you want
  • Reverse engineer what you want to work out how to get there
  • Niches are in the riches


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