LWC 30: Success is Born in the Face of Failure with Chase Maher

This week, in a Thanksgiving Special, Chase invites you into his personal process with failure, how it’s shaped him as an entrepreneur, and how you can utilize failure as a tool to ultimately succeed in the long term. Growing up with failure as a severe shortcoming, Chase learned from a young age the consequences of not meeting your goals. Now, as an adult, he has learned more of the value of failure, and that it is a necessity for anyone with aspirations. Join Chase this week to learn how success is born in the face of failure.



“Success is born in the face of failure.” – Chase Maher // Life Worth Chasing Podcast // Tweet This!

“If you’re in a situation right now where you feel like a failure, ask yourself: how can you use it as fuel?” – Chase Maher // Life Worth Chasing Podcast // Tweet This!

“I use failure as motivation, I use failure as learning experiences, and you can do the same in your life.” – Chase Maher // Life Worth Chasing Podcast // Tweet This!

Takeaways and Key Topics:

  • Use failure as learning experiences
  • Don’t let your past experience of failure define you
  • Put the effort in to get ahead
  • Exhaust all options
  • Maintain humility through all teaching
  • Failure is par for the course
  • Reflect on where you’ve failed, ponder what you learned
  • Failure is fuel
  • Don’t be afraid of failure

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