LWC 42: Creating a Lifestyle by Design With Turnkey Real Estate Investing | Ali Boone

Have you ever considered turnkey real estate investing? Or perhaps you’re unfamiliar with the advantages of it?


Ali Boone is a lifestyle entrepreneur, business consultant and real estate investor. She left her corporate 9-to-5 job as an Aerospace Engineer to follow her passion for being her own boss and creating the ultimate freedom for herself. She went from being on food stamps in her first year of entrepreneurship to facilitating over $18M in real estate transactions in her first five years of business. She has Master’s degrees in both Aerospace Engineering and Spiritual Psychology. Ali also teaches flying and can often be found snowboarding or volunteering in prisons. Her ultimate goal is to one day challenge Tim Ferris to a lifestyle design duel.


On today’s episode of Life Worth Chasing Podcast, Chase sits down with Ali Boone of Hipster Investments to discuss all things Turnkey Real Estate Investing and Lifestyle by Design.


  • What is Turnkey Real Estate Investing
  • How to locate Turnkey Investments
  • Which markets are ideal for Turnkey Investments
  • How to analyze using price to rent ratio
  • Turnkey Provider vs. Turnkey Promoter
  • How to find Turnkey deals
  • How to fund Turnkey deals
  • Lifestyle by Design
  • Location Independence
  • Outsourcing
  • Hire Slow, Fire Fast
  • 3 Currencies – Money, Time, Sanity


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