LWC 43: Tax Advantages, Investing and Passive Income with Solo 401k Expert Dmitriy Fomichenko

Have you ever considered a Self-Directed 401k for buying Real Estate or being a Hard Money Lender as a self employed individual?


Dmitriy Fomichenko is the founder and president of Sense Financial Services LLC, a boutique financial firm specializing in self-directed retirement accounts with checkbook control.  He began his career in financial planning and real estate investing in 2000. He owns multiple investment properties in various states and is a licensed California Real Estate Broker. Over the years, he has taught hundreds of investment and financial planning seminars and has mentored thousands of investors.


Dmitriy founded Sense Financial Services to help his clients maximize their returns on investments while protecting their hard-earned money. He is very passionate about helping families and individuals achieve financial freedom by following proven Biblical principles of financial planning and investing.


Dmitriy resides in Southern California with his wife and 13-year old daughter.  In his spare time, he enjoys studying systematic theology, spending time with his family and visiting new places.


On today’s episode of Life Worth Chasing, Chase and Dmitry talk all things Solo 401k and how and why you should be taking advantage of it today.


  • What is a Solo 401k
  • What are the advantages of a Solo 401k
  • What type of investing can be done with it
  • How do taxes work with it
  • How to buy Real Estate with it
  • How to make passive income from being a Private Lender with it
  • Traditional vs. Roth 401k



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