LWC 44: Flipping over 100 houses a year and buying apartments out of state with Antoine Martel

Have you ever wondered what it would take to flip over 100 houses a year while living wherever you want? Or how to analyze a market for cash flowing Real Estate?


Antoine Martel is a real estate entrepreneur and owner of MartelTurnkey, a real estate investment company based in California. MartelTurnkey provides real estate investors with an inventory of fully rehabbed, cash flow positive turnkey rentals in markets across the U.S. With Antoine Martel at the helm, MartelTurnkey has bought and sold in excess of $12 million worth of cash flowing real estate since its founding in 2015. Mr. Martel is also the owner of over $11 million worth of multi-family and single-family real estate. His proven real estate investment strategies have enabled countless clients to realize passive income and financial freedom by investing in out-of-state rental properties.


Antoine Martel is author of the popular real estate investing book, “A Millennial’s Guide to Investing in Cash Flowing Rental Properties.” Antoine’s informative podcast, “A Millennial’s Guide to Real Estate Investing,” can be accessed through iTunes, Spotify and various other podcast outlets.


On today’s episode of Life Worth Chasing, Chase and Antoine discuss how he flips over 100 houses a year in Memphis while living in Los Angeles and what his plan is with his 71 Apartment building units.


  • How to structure a team around BRRRR and Flipping in a different market
  • How he got started with commercial properties
  • A cool story of how he bought a neighboring building and increased the value
  • Why broker relationships are so important
  • How to analyze and narrow down which market to invest in
  • The plan behind Martel Turnkey and the Legacy Portfolio


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