LWC 48: Millionaire Tax Strategies and How to Go to College For Free with Ron Caruthers

Do you want to go to college but it’s too damn expensive, or send your kids there but no idea how to pay for it? Have you ever wondered how millionaires pay so little in taxes?


Ron Caruthers works in financial services, but with a unique approach: he helps people find money they’re losing unknowingly AND unnecessarily. Ron’s philosophy is that there is more opportunity to help clients avoid losses than picking ‘winners’ by focusing on the 5 key areas where everyone is losing money without realizing it. Ron Caruthers taught as an adjunct instructor at four local colleges in the San Diego area. He currently teaches CPAs on how the college rules intersect with their tax practice. He has been interviewed on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. He has also been quoted in Forbes, Newsweek, Inc. Magazine, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal, among other publications. He currently enjoys life in Carlsbad Village, a town on the water about 35 miles north of downtown San Diego with his wife Sylvia, and a purse dog named Star. He is a dad to three children, Jessika, Brennan, and Lexi- all who went to college for free.


On today’s episode of Life Worth Chasing, Chase sits down with Ron to discuss all things taxes, financial planning and even how to send your kids to college for free.


  • How to find money you’re losing unknowingly
  • What are the 5 key areas people are losing money
  • Tax strategies for flippers and real estate investors
  • Where to stash cash between your real estate deals
  • Roth vs. Traditional IRA and 401k
  • How to pay little or zero for college


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Forbes Article-How to successfully appeal a financial aid appeal letter

Ron’s retirement video: How to Avoid the Four Biggest Retirement Risks that Everybody Faces

Website: roncaruthers.com

Facebook: @carutherssolutions

Twitter: @roncaruthers

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