LWC 51: How to Crush It With AirBnB, Coronavirus Edition | Clint Harris

Do you want to build a massively profitable AirBnB business? Are you wondering how Coronavirus has impacted the Short Term Rental niche?


Started in short term rentals in 2018, currently have 11 units and several more in the works, we have a track record of successfully using data to drive analysis, and converting traditional long-term rental properties into super performing short term rental properties. We have used a combination of Purchasing, and Rental arbitrage to add velocity to our portfolio, founded a property management company and cleaning company for vertical integration, am currently building the perfect AirBnb househack property, and have a Case study book on the way.


On today’s episode of Life Worth Chasing, Clint and Chase chat about all things AirBnB and building a real estate business around it. They also discuss how Coronavirus has impacted the niche and what to do about it moving forward.


  • How to build a profitable AirBnB portfolio
  • Why vertical integration is winning in today’s market
  • How Coronavirus has impacted the marketplace
  • How to counter the Coronavirus and come out ahead
  • The different models of owning a AirBnB real estate business
  • How to automate your business as much as possible


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