LWC 54: 6-Figure Side Hustle by House-Hacking in College Areas | Ryan Chaw

Have you ever wanted to invest in a College Area but the numbers just didn’t make sense?


Ryan Chaw graduated with a Doctor of Pharmacy in 2015 at age 23. Ryan loves his job but he wanted to do something more in life. He didn’t want to become just “that pharmacist” who worked at his job until he retired at 65.


Ryan was inspired to become a real estate investor by his grandpa who had bought 3 properties in the Bay and whose rental income covered all his expenses and allowed him to retire early. His grandpa was even able to use that rental income to help cover his grandchildren’s college tuitions.


Ryan bought his first property in 2016 – a single family home at his local college. He rented out the home per bedroom to college students and renovated to add extra bedrooms to increase rental profit. He repeated the same process for each property, buying 1 property each year. He then created a system for getting consistent high quality tenants, self-managing the property, and decreasing expenses through preventative maintenance. He now makes $10,755 per month in rental income.


On this episode of Life Worth Chasing Podcast, Chase and Ryan discuss Real Estate Investing, House Hacking, Investing in College Areas, Rental Income and more…


  • Investing in College Towns for Cash Flow by this one unique trick
  • Tenant Screening with Social Media
  • Tenant Empowerment
  • Self Property Management Systems and Processes
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Buying Criteria and Underwriting


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