LWC 55: Syndicating Apartment Buildings With The Apartment Guy℠ | Bruce Petersen

Would you like to learn what it takes and what its like to be a Real Estate Syndicator?


The Apartment Guy℠, Bruce Petersen, is a syndicator of large multi-family properties throughout Central Texas ranging in size from 48-292 units. He was awarded the Austin Apartment Association’s Independent Rental Owner of the Year for 2016 and the National Apartment Association’s Independent Rental Owner of the Year for 2017 as well as Think Realty’s Multifamily Investor of the Year 2019.


Bruce targets stabilized properties where he can buy a cash-flowing asset and drive value through building “community” and improved operations. He is able to do this by implementing his proven systems and deploying his experienced staff to replicate his business model across the new acquisitions.


On today’s episode of the Life Worth Chasing Podcast, Chase and Bruce discuss what it takes to be a successful syndicator, how to get started and the future of syndication even during Coronavirus.


  • Real Estate Syndication and How to Get Started
  • How Bruce has structured his team via Vertical Integration
  • How CoronaVirus has and will continue to affect Commercial Real Estate
  • Bruce’s upcoming book, Syndication is a B*tch
  • What is the best unit size to get started with
  • Bruce’s simple and easy buying criteria


Buy Bruce’s Book – Syndicating is a B*tch – Affilate


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