LWC 60: Quick Tips on Liability Protection for Business Owners and Real Estate Investors | Jeff Love

Are your purchase agreements and lease agreements are secured from potential liability issues?


Jeff is a partner at Gibbs Giden Attorneys at Law, which focuses on real estate transactions .His practice encompasses all facets of real estate transactions, including drafting and negotiating purchase, sale, syndication, and financing transactions in connection with commercial, industrial, and residential assets.


He also regularly drafts and negotiates office, retail, and industrial leases for regional landlords and tenants throughout the West Coast. Mr. Love has extensive experience drafting, negotiating, and reviewing real estate loan documents, including originations, modifications, note purchase agreements and other finance-related transactions from structuring through loan closing. He is a licensed real estate broker in the State of California.


  • Protecting yourself as the investor
  • Purchase Agreement Tips
  • Lease Agreement Tips
  • Real Estate Processes for Passive Investors
  • Tips on Investing in Syndications
  • Why Investing in a Good Track Record is so Important


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