LWC 64: From Losing $20,000,000 to Taking Wealth From Wall Street with Damion Lupo

Want to hear exactly how a successful investor went from losing it all, and then some, to getting back to the top?


Damion Lupo’s mission is simple: to free a million people from financial bondage. His unique tool is a fusion of financial literacy and a little-known strategy called the eQRP that allows investors to control their financial future and get off the wall street roller coaster.


He’s the Best-Selling Author of 12 books on personal finance, investment, and retirement planning. He hosts the Financial Underdogs podcast, has owned more than 50 companies, and is the founder of his own martial art, Yokido®.


Damion is the CCO of the eQRP Co. and the lead architect of the eQRP® — the Ferrari of 401(k)s®. The eQRP® is a unique and powerful system to put individuals in command of their own investments, tapping into the $25 trillion locked away in Wall Street-controlled retirement programs!


Damion is also a professional investor with decades of real-world experience that started with the purchase of his first rental using a VISA card advance — a move that snowballed into 150 rental houses in less than 5 years. In 2008 he lost the whole $20 million business only to bounce back and recreate his wealth in 5 years.


  • How Martial Arts helped build a foundation for successful investing and businesses 
  • Why core values and a plan are so important
  • Taking wealth from Wall Street
  • How to overcome success plateau’s 


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