LWC 81: Multi-Family Real Estate Syndication and Raising Capital with Adam “Triple A” Adams

Do you want to learn from a successful Real Estate Syndicator?

Adam A. Adams, also known in the real estate community as Triple A, has educated thousands of investors through real estate conferences, radio & podcast interviews, his coaching program, and his thriving Meetup group. Adam hosts the Creative Real Estate Podcast, a podcast listened to around the world, with hundreds of thousands of downloads. His efforts to educate and inspire other investors has earned him the prestigious title “Master Investor” by Think Realty magazine and he is also a three-time Hall of Fame winner from RE Mentor for his successes in multifamily syndications. Meetup.com recognized him as one of the top 6 MeetUp organizers in the world (2018).

In 2005, Adam took the plunge into part-time real estate investing, but it quickly became his full-time passion! Today Adam is partnered in 7 multifamily syndications with approximately 1,400 doors valued slightly over $100 million. His company, BlueSpruce Holdings, focuses on finding and managing apartment communities to allow passive investors diversification, cash flow, tax benefits, and freedom of time. Adam’s primary role in the company is to attract capital, successfully raising millions of dollars from private investors. He continues to grow his company’s brand as one of the top syndication teams in the United States.

  • Using Meetup and Podcasting to Build Brand Awareness
  • Why Syndication
  • Raising Capital
  • Using Other People’s Money

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