LWC 84: Building Passive Income with Multi-Family Syndication with Kristina and Charlie

Do you want to dive head first in Real Estate so you can live a lifestyle of your dreams off passive income?

After many years in unfulfilling jobs Kristina and Charlie decided to pursue a real estate investment career and finally capture the life they had been chasing. Their goal, like many others, was to travel and spend more time with friends and family. They knew that making smart investments would get them in a position to do just that. Kristina and Charlie co founded Akras Capital with a mission To produce freedom in the lives of their investors and partners so they can live a life focused on what matters most to them, without the constraints of time, money or employers. They hope to share their story with listeners in order to educate them on how to generate passive income and live the life of their dreams!

  • Why Multi-Family
  • Optimal unit size
  • Using passive income to fund lifestyle

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